Kisterss is a Farmakis sisters’ brand. 

Its name is not accidental at all, since it derives from the adjective Farma-ki and the word Sisters”, ending in the now known “Kisterss.

Their involvement with fashion is also not accidental.

So let’s get to know the Kisterss themselves:

Με αγάπη,



She counts years of experience in modeling and has been featured on the covers of well-known magazines. 

In addition, she has appeared in many TV commercials on behalf of major companies.

As it seems, fashion has always been her great love, since she decided to study Fashion Design at Zer Fam Fashion Designers School in Athens.


She started her career as an actor, as she studied acting at the New Greek Theater and the New York Film Academy.

Later, having always a passion about fashion, she decided to turn to it, studying fashion styling at the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) in New York.

Then, together with her sister Olga, she decided that she couldn’t and leave behind her artistic nature and studied fashion design at the Zer Fam Fashion Designers School in Athens.

 Having all these experiences, she worked as a style consultant and personal shopper in New York. 


The brand “Kisterss” is an Οlga Farmaki’s creation. 

It started with the design and sale of handmade glasses in 2013 and today, it “dresses” thousands of women in their daily lives.

In 2017, Olga and her sister, Georgia, decide to join forces, knowledge and experience and expand the project, designing and sewing their own pieces from scratch, using materials exclusively from Greek producers.

Kisterss basic philosophy, is the uniqueness of every woman and the fact that style is something very personal.

That’s why they always take your feedback into account for each of their creations.

In the Kisterss e-shop you will find clothes, accessories and of course the handmade sunglasses with which the brand started

For their creation, the designers draw inspiration from their favorite islands of Greece, because sunglasses always remind them of unforgettable summers. 

Our goal is not to make you feel but to remind you that you are special, each one on her own way.

Welcome to the world of fashion. Welcome to Kisterss!


Our collections are always special.

 We observe things, read and are constantly informed, with the aim of constantly evolving

We want to “listen” to the needs of every woman and make her show the best version to those around her, but above all to herself.

For our winter and summer collections, we draw inspiration from everything that can catch our attention.

 It can be an image we see on the street or any other stimulus that will make us grab a pencil and paper and draw.

The founder, designer and main curator of our collection, Olga Farmaki, combines knowledge, experience and above all passion, imprinting them on paper, and then on the fabric that will reach to your hands and make you feel special.